For tha Love of WD40

Tyler And I rolled up on this church and spotted this long pole jam out front that we wanted to mess with. We parked the car, had to move the car, got his bike out, had no wax, greased it up, pulled on it (super shaky), got kicked out, didn’t give a fuck, hit it any way and rode off. good jib.

Always Going Places

_DSC0118Cheese man 1

3 2

4 5

Got to meet up with Jeremie, Colby, Tyler and some incredible locals in San Antonio for a weekend trip to ride bikes, film bangers and catch more than a few rays. Good times! Here are a few amateur snaps without giving away too much.

Next Chapter

A very good old friend and 24″ shredder, Daniil Andreyevich (the Russian Pulverizer) will Graduate from Texas Tech University this next month and be moving near Dallas for a job soon after. Definitely excited for him and can’t wait for more summer weekend trips sleeping on his floor and exploring spots. Cheers man!


 Ty and Dan